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Active since 1972, the Rockdale House for Men has given a broad array of recovery services. It offers the residential treatment as a part of the long-term inpatient rehabilitation program, which includes counseling sessions, group therapy, individual counseling, life skill classes, and anger management classes. The house staff is available to the clients 24 hours a day; they follow a strict regime to ensure the client becomes comfortable in their environment and settles in the sober life.  

Treatment at the Rockdale House lasts a minimum of three months, although residents may opt to stay longer. Daily care revolves around 12-step, individual therapy, group therapy and daily chores. The Rockdale House does not offer detox and require residents to pass a drug and alcohol screening upon arrival.

A typical day generally begins with residents waking at dawn, followed by breakfast, morning meditation, chores and working in the garden and greenhouses. Everyone goes to at least three meetings a day which can include group, individual or AA sessions (at least once a day, off and on-site).

Residents also attend life skills groups, anger management classes, active parenting classes, relapse prevention groups and alcohol and drug education seminars. After the day’s activities are done, clients can watch television, read, journal or hang out with the facility therapy dog (named BJ). Residents also often watch movies on weekends; lights out is at 10 pm.

The Men's house has a mostly in-recovery staff on-site 24 hours a day. They consist of a clinical director and a host of certified addiction counselors, including certified one-on-one counselors. These facilities work with a physician, though not on-site; residents will be transported to the office as necessary, and no medical costs are included in the price. The staff-to-resident ratio is about two or three to one, depending on occupancy.

New residents must not contact the outside world during the first 30 days of the recovery process, which means no mail, phone or visitors. After this period, they’re allowed two calls a day and may be given weekend passes to see family; family may also visit on weekends. No electronics are allowed at any time.

Residents may seek employment in the town after two months, with permission granted to leave the premises on a case-by-case basis. Graduation from the program requires that a resident have employment and a safe sober living situation arranged.

Drug and alcohol addiction has had a very negative affect all across the state of Georgia, carrying with it various problems and various crisis issues that have had immensely negative effects overall. Our goal is to help men restore their lives, become productive members of society, and offer assistance to families.  Completion of the program requires stable employment, a sober environment in which to live and a positive attitude.

It is a proven fact that the longer an alcoholic/addict is in a protected environment the better the chance at sobriety.  

The Rockdale House for Men operates off of a long term addiction treatment approach, meaning that their services last for longer than thirty days.  The program engages its clients, and it sees to it that they make a permanent recovery by also offering sober living, halfway housing, and aftercare too.  This is a total powerhouse addiction treatment center.

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