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Active since 1972, Rockdale Houses has given a broad array of recovery services to women in the Women's House. It offers the residential treatment as a part of the long-term inpatient rehabilitation program, which includes counseling sessions, group therapy, individual counseling, life skill classes, and anger management classes. The house staff is available to the clients 24 hours a day; they follow a strict regime to ensure the client becomes comfortable in their environment and settles in the sober life.  Also, they can hang out with the facility therapy dog (named Trailer).

Drug and alcohol addiction has had a very negative affect all across the state of Georgia, carrying with it various problems and various crisis issues that have had immensely negative effects overall.  The Rockdale House for Women offers residential addiction treatment in the Conyers area.  This is a women’s only program.

The Rockdale House for Women is a long-term residential recovery program for alcoholics and addicts.  The program was founded in 1974 and is a Certified Recovery Residence.  Our goal is to help women restore their lives, become productive members of society, and offer assistance to families.  Completion of the program requires stable employment, a sober environment in which to live and a positive attitude.

The program is a minimum of three months; however, an individual may stay longer if there is a need.  It is a proven fact that the longer an alcoholic/addict is in a protected environment the better the chance at sobriety.  Residents are taught the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and have individual counseling sessions,  life skills groups, anger management classes, active parenting classes, relapse prevention groups and alcohol/drug education while in the program.  Families also are offered education on addiction as well as recovery.

One and the same, substance abuse is a crisis, has always been a crisis, and always will be a crisis unless massive action is taken to do something about it.  Enter in the Rockdale House for Women.  Conyers, Georgia has a friend in this treatment center and offers an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, rehabilitation program, recovery organization and operates off of a long term addiction treatment approach, meaning that their services last for longer than thirty days.  The program engages its clients, and it sees to it that they make a permanent recovery by also offering sober living, halfway housing, and aftercare too.  This is a total powerhouse addiction treatment center.


The Rockdale House for Women

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